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Comparison of Water Filtration Systems

We assert that Berkey® water filters outperform most other water filters on the market. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it! Or at least not without proof and a factual, precise analysis. That's why we decided to compare our purification system with other water filters on the market. These comparisons are based on various important criteria such as cost per filtered liter and filtration capabilities, so you can compare transparently before making your choice.

We focus on the cost per filtered liter because the purchase price of a system should not overshadow the replacement cost of filters and their lifespan. A cheap system to buy can be very expensive if you have to replace your filters every month... It is essential to calculate the cost of this filtration considering these criteria before making a purchase. Also, check that the system you are considering has the required filtration performance for your intended use: filtering only tap water, rainwater, river water, or water from any source in an emergency situation.

All Berkey® systems come with a pair of Black Berkey® filters, tested to be usable up to 22,700 liters. These filtration systems, equipped with these filters, fall into the category of water purifiers, capable, among other things, of filtering viruses.

Berkey® and its Competitors

Here you will find links to the comparison pages with our competitors' water filtration systems. This will allow you to see that the Berkey® system is the most efficient water purification system on the market, and the cheapest in terms of cost per filtered liter. This list will be updated over time. Below is a summary comparison table of water filtration systems to compare the Berkey® purifier with its competitors in a concise manner.

Table of Comparisons

Here are the characteristics of different water filtration systems on the market, presented concisely, to have a global view of the performance of the Berkey® water purifier and its competitors. This table will be updated over time.

Brand Berkey® Brita British Berkefeld
Model Big Berkey® Elemaris BB2
Feature Purifier Filter Filter
Volume 8.5 Liters 3.5 Liters 8.5 Liters
Filtration Type Microfiltration
Microfiltration Microfiltration
Purchase Cost €416.00
Comes with 2 filters
Comes with 1 filter
Comes with 2 filters
Filter Capacity 11,350 Liters 100 Liters 1,500 Liters
Replacement Interval No Limit 1 month 6 to 12 months
Filter Price €188.00 €9.16 €69.00
Cost per Filtered Liter €0.009 €0.09 €0.022
Flow Rate per Filter 5.5 Liters / hour - 0.85 Liter / hour
Filtration Precision 24 Nanometers 15,000 Nanometers 200 Nanometers
Dye Test YES NO NO
Virus Filtration YES NO NO
System Materials AISI 304 Stainless Steel Plastic AISI 304 Stainless Steel