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Why You Should Choose a Berkey® System Over a Pitcher Filter

Unlike carafe filters, Berkey® systems are not just simple water filters, they are true water purifiers. They can be used to filter tap water, removing residual pollutants like heavy metals, chemicals, and chlorine. More importantly, they can make water that is unfit for consumption drinkable. Their filtration capability removes bacteria, viruses, pharmaceutical residues, and a long list of contaminants, detailed on this page.

Certainly, carafe filters have become popular over the years as an affordable and effective filtration system. At least, that’s what manufacturers want you to believe...

BUT a carafe filter:

IS INEFFICIENT: Most cartridges only remove chlorine, impurities affecting taste and odor, and some lead, AND THAT’S IT! What about the other residual pollutants present in tap water, like hormones, pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals, and pesticides? Buying a pitcher filter means paying a high price to remove a few molecules while leaving all others in your water.

IS EXPENSIVE: With recommended use, the filtration capacity is on average a few hundred liters per cartridge. But you also use tap water for cooking, hot beverages like coffee or tea... If you use unfiltered water, you ingest pollutants just as if you drank it. For a family of 4, that’s at least 8 liters a day. Do you fill your pitcher 4 or 5 times a day? And if you did, how many days before changing your filters? Calculate the annual cost of a pitcher if you change cartridges on time...

CAN BE HARMFUL: Pitcher filters have been criticized by several consumer associations and the French Health Agency, warning users of potential microbiological contamination. At home, it is impossible to use a pitcher filter under optimal conditions, partly because filters are never changed on time. Bacterial contamination is almost systematic. Another downside, using a pitcher filter consistently lowers the pH. Lastly, there is a real danger of releasing pollutants into the filtered water.

A Berkey® Purifier

>> Versatility and power, in any conditions!

>> Drinkable water even in emergencies and wherever you are!

>> Lifespan up to 10 years – Less than a cent per liter of filtered water

Enjoy potable water in any situation,
take it to the next level,
choose a BERKEY® system!

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