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filtrer son eau avec berkey

✔ The Berkey® system is a fully autonomous water purifier. It works by gravity, no need for electricity, and does not need to be connected to the water mains. Simply fill it, wait a few minutes for the water to pass through the filters and be purified of potential pollutants to drink pure and healthy water. At home, on the go, or in an emergency setting, it ensures you always have drinkable water.

✔ It is effective against hundreds of harmful substances, increasingly found in tap water. Black Berkey® filter elements are effective against pesticides, bacteria, viruses, pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals, and many other molecules. It's proven! See the analysis results.

✔ It is economical with an incomparable cost of less than 1 cent per liter of filtered water. A pair of Black Berkey® filters is designed to filter 22,700 liters of water, which translates to nearly 10 years of use for a family of 4, each consuming 1.5 liters of water per day on average. It's much cheaper than bottled water, of much higher quality, and helps reduce plastic waste in our oceans!

✔ The Berkey® range is made of 8 models, from 0.95 L to 22.7 L, ensuring there's a system for everyone. Whether you live alone or have a large family, for home use or on the go, there's always a Berkey® for you. Find the best model for your needs in this guide. There are also shower filters that remove chlorine and substances that can be harmful to your skin and hair.

✔ The upkeep a Berkey® water filter is easy. Simply clean the stainless steel chambers occasionally to remove any dirt and limescale, and scrub the filters about once every 2 months for years of effective filtration. Read our maintenance and care guide for more information.

✔ The Black Berkey® filters, with their unique patent, eliminate numerous contaminants while preserving essential minerals for our health.

Why Choose a Berkey® System Over Other Filtration Systems?

filtrer son eau avec berkey

✔ Berkey® purification systems are not just simple water filters. They are classified as water purifiers. If an exceptional situation arises or you don't have access to potable water, it can filter rainwater, well water, spring water, or any other source. Many survivalists, NGOs, and some military units use it to make water drinkable in emergency situations.

✔ The Berkey® system has proven its qualities over the years to over a million users worldwide.

✔ Besides being powerful, easy to use, self-contained, and efficient, it is an object with a unique design that will look great in your home.

✔ A filter pitcher or reverse osmosis system requires frequent replacement of consumables to maintain their effectiveness and ultimately costs much more, even if the initial investment seems less costly. The purchase of a Berkey® system pays for itself in about 4 months. It is a unique appliance, and you'll wonder how you managed without it!

(*): With a capacity of 22,700 liters, for a family of 4 consuming 1.5 liters of water per day per person, the lifespan is 22,700 / 1.5 x 4 / 365, or about 10 years.

(**): Includes the cost of filters and the cost of tap water treatment, see details here.

(***): Calculated based on the cost per liter for a family of 4 consuming 1.5 liters of water per day per person.

Still Hesitating? Check the Performance of Berkey® Systems on Heavy Metals...

Water Filters Lab, an independent American organization, compared the most popular gravity filtration systems on the market, and the results are clear. Berkey® filters are by far the most effective.

These tests show that some equipment, such as filter pitchers, are not only ineffective but also dangerous, as they add aluminum to the filtered water.