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Different Filtration Methods

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For What Use?

Many people choose a water filter to improve the taste of tap water. It is true that neither the smell nor the taste of chlorine is pleasant. But most of the time, the smell of chlorine is just the tip of the iceberg... Much more subtle, pollution from heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, pesticides, microplastics, and other molecules is very real. Treatment plants cannot eliminate them, and official analyses often remain very vague on these pollutants.

Others seek an autonomous filter capable of filtering well water, rainwater, or river water to have a self-sufficient supply of drinking water.

Some people want a portable use to filter the water they have access to when they are traveling.

Another important motivation for choosing a water filter is to stop buying plastic bottles, which are expensive, polluting, and whose water is not free from pollutants.

And everyone wants a practical, efficient, durable, and economical system.

Among the Main Available Choices

Carafe Filters: equipped with an activated carbon filter, they can remove the taste of chlorine, lime, and lead, but most pitchers have no real effect on chemical pollutants. Among its other drawbacks, we can mention the frequency of filter changes (every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain its filtering power), the resulting cost, and most importantly, the fact that filters can potentially release certain contaminants back into the filtered water. When used incorrectly they can end up becoming real nests for microbes, which is often the case. Check this page for a detailed analysis of pitcher filters.

Tap Filters: these filters work on the same principle as carafe filters with the same drawbacks concerning the need to change cartridges regularly, the resulting cost, and the risk of releasing pollutants back into the filtered water. They have a very limited effectiveness and require network pressure to function: if there is no water at the tap, there is no filtration.

Reverse Osmosis Systems: Often composed of several filters in series, water undergoes a process called reverse osmosis, which removes some pollutants but unfortunately also all minerals like calcium and magnesium. However, they are essential for our balance and drinking osmosis water carries a real risk of deficiencies. But its main problem comes from the filtration system. To function, it requires high pressure to project the equivalent of 3 to 7 liters of water to produce just one liter. This leads to significant water wastage. The cost remains very high considering the purchase price of the device, the cost of filter renewal, and the rejected water. Visit this page for a detailed analysis of this type of filter.

Water Machines: many manufacturers offer "packaged" systems in the form of a box connected to electricity and the water network, which, through various processes (osmosis, UV, etc.), transform tap water into filtered water. The cartridge changes make these systems expensive and dependent on the water network and electricity supply.

Gravity Filters: autonomous by definition, simple to use, eco-friendly, they allow water filtration without energy or water pressure, using gravity to "push" the water through the filters. Fill, let it filter, and you have access to pure and healthy water, regardless of the water source and in any situation. But not all these systems are equal. The design of the filters used means that some gravity filters are more efficient than others and have a lower usage cost. See a comparison with Berkefeld systems on this page.

Need Proof?

Efficient: capable of removing a wide range of pollutants, it is the most efficient filter we know. From chemical molecules to heavy metals, including viruses and bacteria, you can consult the analysis page conducted by an independent laboratory on hundreds of pollutants to see the extent of its exceptional performance.

Need more proof? Water Filters Lab, an independent American organization, compared the most popular gravity filtration systems on the market, and the results are clear. Berkey® filters are by far the most efficient. You can see the test results on this page and also on this one.

This performance allows it to be more than just a water filter, but a true WATER PURIFIER, capable of making water from various sources, such as well water, rainwater, or harvested water, drinkable.

Durable and Economical: a pair of Black Berkey® filters is designed to filter up to 22,700 liters of water! They have a lifespan of 3 to 10 years depending on the model used and the daily filtered water volume. It costs less than a cent per liter filtered, much less than all other systems, including pitcher filters. The initial investment is higher, but in the end, it costs much less and pays for itself very quickly.

Modular and Adaptable to All Situations: for portable use, for example, with the filtering water bottle, while camping or traveling with the Go Berkey® model or the Travel Berkey®, for home use with the Big Berkey®, Royal Berkey®, Imperial Berkey® or the Crown Berkey®, you will always find the right model. Berkey® even enters your shower to provide depolluted and soft water with the shower filters.

If you want to customize your system, you can equip it with a stainless steel faucet, a sight glass spigot, a base stand to simplify its use, additional filters to speed up filtration, specific filters to treat fluoride, arsenic, etc.

From 5.6 to 22.7 liters, it adapts to all situations. From a single couple to a large family, from a business to an NGO, for filtering tap water or non-potable sources, at home or on the go, in a normal or emergency situation, you won't find a more efficient, autonomous, and versatile water filtration system! Consult our buying guide to help you specify your needs.

Easy to Use: fill the upper chamber, filter (45 minutes on average for an 8.5-liter chamber), and you're ready to enjoy filtered, pure, and healthy water! Usage principle and additional information on this page.

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