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The Best Partner for your Health in Your Kitchen!

For drink machines: the daily amount filtered by your water filter will allow you to fill all your drink preparation devices, such as your kettle, coffee maker, espresso machine, American fridge reservoir...

For meal preparations: pure and healthy water always available for washing your fruits and vegetables, but also for cooking them, or boiling pasta, rice...

For making ice cubes: not only will your water be pure, but your ice cubes too! Ideal also for filling the trays and reservoirs of multifunction refrigerators that dispense water and make ice.

Fill up and take away: drink your filtered water all day by refilling your container, bottle, or fruit infuser every morning.

High-quality drinking water: for your daily meals, with friends or family, serve your Berkey® filtered water in a stylish carafe suitable for the occasion.

Berkey® Kitchen Water Filter
Range of stainless steel Berkey water filters by Berkey France Millenium

A variety of sizes to suit everyone!

From the Travel Berkey®, for 1 to 2 people, to the large Crown Berkey®, for 12 people, the range of stainless steel Berkey® water purifiers can meet all needs and provide water for up to 600 people in emergency situations.

For individuals: pure water like never before, for your family and guests. There is no more eco-friendly and economical gesture than acquiring a Berkey® water filter. What is topping you?

For communities: give your employees filtered water to drink throughout their workday.

For tourism industry and restaurateurs: distinguish yourself from others and offer your customers filtered water in a carafe, or equip your guest houses and holiday homes with a Berkey® water purifier. A quality touch that makes all the difference!

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