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PF-2™ Elements

PF-2™ Elements

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PF-2™x 2 filters for Berkey® water filter

Allows you to filter fluorides, arsenic & heavy metals
Used in addition to Black Berkey™ filters
Filtration capacity: 3800 liters per pair
Sold by 2
6 month warranty
Tested to exceed NSF / ANSI 53.
Berkey® and the NSF standard

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Kit of 2 PF-2™ filters for Berkey® water filter

The addition of PF-2™ Filter helps reinforce the degree of water filtration by absorbing the following undesirable elements:

Fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorosilicic acid (also called hydrofluorosilic acid)
Arsenic V and preoxidized Arsenic III
Other residual heavy metal ions

If you want to install PF-2™ filters, be sure to install as many PF-2™ as Black Berkey®. The addition of PF-2 filters reduces the filtration speed by approximately 15 to 20% and the volume of the lower chamber will be reduced by 1 liter.

Made from n°5 polypropylene, non-leaching and BPA-free.

PF-2 filters do not require additional holes and can be installed on all models in the range.

You will notice that when the lower tank is filled with water, the Berkey PF-2™ elements are immersed in water, which in no way compromises their filtration performance.

To calculate the lifespan of the filters in detail, find all the use and maintenance information concerning the additional PF-2 filters in our FAQ.
Lifespan is 3800 liters or 1 year of use , the filters are changed as soon as the first of its two limits is reached.

Contents of the lot:

2 PF-2 filters
1 priming washer

Instructions available in English

    Why prime Berkey® PF-2™ water filters?

    During the assembly, handling, and shipping of the filter elements, they may acquire a small amount of dust or fine harmless particles. This is why we recommend priming the Berkey® PF-2™ filter elements at both ends to remove the dust before installing them in your Berkey® system. If this procedure is not done correctly, there may be turbidity issues during the first few water cycles.

    Priming the filtration elements should be done for approximately 30 seconds at both ends. It may be necessary to repeat this process up to ten times to remove all the dust. An analysis was conducted to determine how turbidity decreases based on the number of washes. A summary of the results is available below:

    - One wash: turbidity reduced by a value > 94%
    - Two washes: turbidity reduced by a value > 96%
    - Three washes: turbidity reduced by a value > 98%

    You can view the complete test results here (document in English).

    Turbidity will continue to decrease with each filling cycle of your Berkey® system. Although turbidity may be unsightly, it poses no health risks.

    Berkey PF-2™ filters contain activated alumina. Is this the same as aluminium?

    The Berkey® PF-2™ water filters reduce fluoride and arsenic from water using aluminum oxide (activated alumina). It is important to know that pure aluminum and aluminum oxide have very different characteristics. Pure aluminum is soluble in water, highly reactive, and has adverse health effects. In contrast, aluminum oxide is not soluble in water, inert, very stable, and has no adverse health effects.

    It should also be noted that this aluminum oxide is not treated with cyanuric acid.

    Learn all about aluminum oxide (document in English).

    How do I store my Berkey PF-2™ water filters?

    If the filters have already been used:

    The Berkey® PF-2™ elements can be stored in a refrigerator for a short period of up to 10 days (but not in a freezer). Remove the filters from the system, place them in a sealed plastic bag, and place them in the least cold part of the refrigerator to prevent them from freezing. They can be stored this way for up to a week.

    If you store them in the refrigerator, we recommend priming them for at least one minute, running water through both ends, before using them again.

    Berkey PF-2™ elements should not be left exposed to air to avoid the potential development of bacteria on the media.

    If you have never used your filters:

    If the elements are still in their original packaging and have not been opened, make sure to store them in a place that does not emit strong odors, such as a laundry room or garage. The elements contain carbon, among other materials, which could absorb odors from the storage area, such as soap or detergent.

    How long do Berkey PF-2™ water filters last?

    The lifespan is 3,800 liters of water or 1 year, whichever comes first. To determine when to change the filters, simply perform the following calculation:

    - Assuming the use of a Big Berkey® model equipped with 2 Black Berkey® filters and 2 PF-2 filters, filled once a day, the calculation will be as follows: 3800 / 7.3 / 365 = 1.42 years. In this case, you should change your PF-2 filters after 1 year.

    - Assuming 2 filtrations per day, you adapt the above calculation: 3800 / 7.3x2 / 365 = 0.71 years or 8.5 months. In this case, you should change your PF-2 filters after 8.5 months.

    This calculation should be adjusted according to the model used and the frequency of refills.

    Can Berkey PF-2™ water filters replace Black Berkey® purification elements?

    No. On the one hand, the positions of each filter are not interchangeable, and on the other hand, they do not serve the same purpose. They are complementary. When the Berkey® PF-2™ water filters are installed, the water first flows from the upper chamber through the Black Berkey® purification elements, then into the Berkey PF-2™ filters, and finally into the lower chamber.

    The former have a purification role by removing all harmful elements from the water, while the latter are specialized in retaining fluoride and arsenic.

    If Black Berkey® purification elements remove arsenic, fluoride and heavy metals, why do I need Berkey PF-2™ filters?

    Laboratory analyses indicate that the Black Berkey® purification elements reduce arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals by up to 99.9% (full test results). All filters using activated carbon to reduce arsenic begin to lose their efficiency quite quickly. This is also true for Black Berkey® elements, which lose their effectiveness in removing arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals likely well before their estimated lifespan of 11,300 liters.

    Many filters on the market use carbonized charcoal and claim fluoride reduction, without informing their customers that the fluoride removal capacity of their filters is quickly reduced. This is because a very large amount of media is required to remove small amounts of fluoride. As a result, these filters do not contain enough media to effectively remove fluoride in the long term.

    For example, we conducted tests on a competitor's three-filter system that uses activated carbon for fluoride removal. As expected, these elements deplete quickly. Tests show that their efficiency drops from 100% to 81.4% after filtering only 170 liters, a loss of nearly 20% for an equivalent use of less than 60 liters per filter! The efficiency of these filters decreases dramatically.

    This is why a more durable solution for the reduction of arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals was developed with the creation of interchangeable reduction elements Berkey® PF-2™. The media contained in a pair of Berkey® PF-2™ elements can reliably remove these contaminants up to 3,800 liters, which is still less than the 11,300-liter lifespan of the Black Berkey®. For this reason, they were designed to be replaceable. This allows users to reliably remove arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals from their water, while fully benefiting from the 11,300-liter lifespan of their Black Berkey® filters.

    The role of the Black Berkey® purification elements is to remove a wide variety of potential contaminants, while the role of the Berkey® PF-2™ filter is to remove fluoride, arsenic, and heavy metal contaminants that the Black Berkey® filter elements can no longer address after prolonged use.

    The actual reduction capacity depends on the presence of other competing contaminants in the water to be treated. High levels of fluoride, arsenic, and heavy metals can reduce the capacity and efficiency of these elements.

    Do Black Berkey® filters need to be primed before first use?

    Whether it's the Black Berkey™ filters or the Berkey® PF-2™ filters, it is necessary to prime them before their first use or after a long period of storage.

    You can refer to the Black Berkey® filter priming document and also the PF-2™ filter priming document (documents in English, provided in French at the time of purchase or upon request).

    To facilitate the priming of the Black Berkey® filters, and if the space under your faucet is limited, there is also a priming pump, which is very practical and allows you to prime the Black Berkey® filters anytime, anywhere.

    Fitting and priming Berkey® PF-2™ water filters

    The Berkey® PF-2™ water filters reduce fluoride and arsenic and work in conjunction with the Black Berkey® purification elements to effectively purify your water. The Berkey PF-2™ elements mainly filter fluoride ions, arsenic, and other heavy metal ions. They are made of polypropylene and are BPA-free.

    These elements are sold in sets of two and have a lifespan of approximately 3,800 liters. The fluoride reduction elements attach to the Black Berkey® purification elements and are positioned in the lower chamber of the Berkey® systems. The number of installed Berkey PF-2™ elements must match the number of installed Black Berkey® water filters for them to be effective.

    Before use, they must be primed for about thirty seconds on each side, following the procedure described in the following document: assembly and priming of the Berkey PF-2™ elements (document in English). A complete documentation in French is provided for any purchase of PF-2™ filters from Berkey France Millenium.

    Why shouldn't Berkey® water filters be allowed to freeze?

    It is strongly advised against letting your filters freeze. Similarly, it is strictly discouraged to store the elements (even unused ones) in very cold climates. Residual water inside the element will expand and consequently enlarge the pore size, eventually destroying the element. Whether your filters are unused or already used and completely dried, a small amount of moisture could still remain inside, especially in predominantly humid climates. This moisture could expand inside the filter and render it unusable. Please note that this recommendation applies to ALL Berkey® elements, including the Sport Berkey® bottle. Freezing your element and making it unusable will also void your warranty coverage.

    J'ai des dépôts de matière de couleur blanche au fond de mon Berkey© après installation des PF-2, pourquoi ?

    Il s'agit très probablement de médias résiduels rejetés par vos éléments de réduction du fluorure et de l'arsenic Berkey®. Le milieu qu'ils contiennent est inerte et non soluble dans l'eau, il ne constitue donc pas un problème de santé. Pour résoudre le problème, nous vous recommandons de réamorcer vos éléments des deux côtés pendant 20 à 30 secondes (de chaque côté). Cela devrait déloger tout milieu meuble restant dans l'élément et laisser de l'eau claire dans votre chambre inférieure.

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Le produit est simple à installer et utiliser, un vrai bonheur.

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Bonjour..Excellent appareil qui donne entière satisfaction, efficace et esthétique.Service commercial et sav à la hauteur de la renommée de Berkey. Cordialement. Claude

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pas encore utilisé

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Ces filtres sont parfaits et facile à mettre dans le contenant.

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