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Package Go Berkey® 0.95 L

Package Go Berkey® 0.95 L

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Water filter for 1 to 2 people
Ultra-portable system with bag supplied
Ideal for walks, hikes, camping
Can be refilled from any water source (spring, fountain, etc.)
Made of stainless steel, ensures water quality
Includes a filtering bottle Sport Berkey®
Comes with 1 Black Berkey™ filter and 1 Sport Berkey® filter


The Go Berkey® water filter is small and easy to carry. It's designed to be used when camping, carried in your rucksack on a hike, taken to school, on a trip or in an emergency.

Don't let its size deceive you - its filtration capacity is comparable to that of its larger counterparts.

It can also be an excellent choice as an indoor water purifier for one person, but for stationary use, whether for drinking, cooking or various kitchen appliances, prefer the Travel Berkey® model.

Simply pour water into the upper compartment of the system and easily dispense pure water by pouring directly from the lower compartment.

The Black Berkey™ filter included with your system can purify 13,350 liters of water. To calculate the lifespan of your Black Berkey® filters, please consult our FAQ.

The tanks and lid are guaranteed for 1 year. The nut and washer are guaranteed for 6 months. The bottle, pump, and priming nozzle are guaranteed for 3 months. The Black Berkey® filter is guaranteed for 2 years, with a proportional depreciation calculated every 6 months.

Quick Start Kit
Stainless steel upper and lower chambers
1 stainless steel lid
1 Black Berkey® purification element
1 wing nut, 1 washer, 1 priming washer
A Black Berkey Primer™ pump for priming the Black Berkey® filter
A Sport Berkey® filtering bottle equipped with a Sport Berkey® filter
A vinyl carrying bag
Downloadable instructions in English

    What is the composition of the plastics used in the Sport Berkey® filter bottle (bottle, cap and straw)?

    All plastics used in the Sport Berkey® Filter Bottle are food-grade and BPA-free.

    - The bottle is made of low-density polyethylene

    - The cap is made of high-density polyethylene

    - The straw is made of polypropylene.

    How do I clean my Sport Berkey® water bottle?

    Your Sport Berkey® Filter Bottle has a lifespan of 50 years! When not using it for an extended period, remove the filter and fill the bottle with bleach at a ratio of one-quarter teaspoon per 2 liters of water, or a 50/50 mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Rinse. Allow the parts to dry completely with the cap removed. Reassemble the bottle and, if possible, store it in an airtight bag. Do not allow the filter to freeze, do not place it in the microwave, and do not run hot water through it.

    Why shouldn't the filter in the Sport Berkey® filter bottle be allowed to freeze?

    To refresh the water in your Sport Berkey® Filter Bottle, you might think of placing it in the freezer for about twenty minutes. DON'T DO IT!!!

    We strongly advise against letting the filtration elements freeze. We also advise against storing the elements (even unused ones) in very cold climates. Very cold or frozen water can expand inside the filter and consequently enlarge the pores, rendering the filtration ineffective. Whether the elements are unused or used and completely dried, a small amount of moisture could still remain inside the filter, especially in predominantly humid climates. This moisture could expand inside the element and render it unusable.

    This recommendation applies to ALL our Berkey® filtration elements. Freezing your element and making it unusable will void your warranty coverage.

    What is the maximum temperature to which the Sport Berkey® filter bottle can be subjected? ...

    In certain situations, your Sport Berkey® Filter Bottle may be exposed to high temperatures. For example, if it remains in the trunk of your car in direct sunlight...

    Therefore, you should remember that your filter bottle should not be subjected to temperatures above 46°C (115°F).

    Can I put my Sport Berkey® filter flask in the fridge? ...

    Yes, it is possible to put your Sport Berkey® Filter Bottle in the refrigerator, but under no circumstances should you let it freeze. The expansion of water within the filter could enlarge the pores and compromise its integrity, rendering it inoperative and voiding the warranty.

    How do I clean my Berkey® water purifier?

    The upper chamber, which only temporarily holds water, will need to be cleaned less frequently than the lower chamber where water stagnates for longer periods. We recommend cleaning the lower chamber once a month.

    The stainless steel chambers can be cleaned with soapy water.

    In areas with hard water, lime deposits may accumulate on the spigots and chambers after prolonged use. To remove them, you can use pure vinegar or a 50-50% mixture of vinegar and water that you spray and let sit for about 15 minutes. Then wipe with a ScotchBrite pad or a soft brush, wash with soapy water, and rinse.

    There is still a little water in the chambers of my Berkey® water purifier. Is this normal?

    Yes, it is entirely normal for 1 to 2.5 cm of water to remain in the upper and lower chambers. For water to be filtered, it must pass through very fine micropores in the filters. The lower the water level in the upper chamber, the lower the pressure available to force the water through the micropores. You may have noticed that the filtration rate is much faster when the upper chamber is full than when it is half empty. This is because there is more pressure. The only way to remedy this would be to enlarge the pores of the filter elements, which would reduce the effectiveness of the Berkey purification system. During each cycle, the residual water from the previous cycle mixes with the water from the current cycle and is then purified. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the excess water during normal use. However, if you stop using your filter for an extended period, such as during a vacation, it is best to empty both chambers and let them dry completely.

    Regarding the lower chamber, the spigot cannot technically be positioned at the bottom of the tank for sealing reasons. Don't worry; this is not stagnant water as it will mix again and again during successive filtrations.

    How long can I keep and consume the water filtered by my Berkey® purifier?

    We recommend replacing your water filtered by your Berkey® system after three days if it has not been consumed. If the water is in a cold environment, this period can be extended to one week. This is a precautionary principle. The reason is that when you filter your water, the chemicals that inhibit bacterial growth are removed. In very humid environments, bacterial growth can occur more quickly.

    Can I use my Berkey® purification system with water from my softener?

    It all depends on the type of softener used. For example, CO2 or magnetic water softeners produce water that is normally fit for consumption (confirm with the manufacturer) and do not pose a problem with Berkey® systems.

    However, the most commonly used water softeners work with ion exchangers that convert calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for scale buildup, into sodium. The use of these softeners produces soft but salty water...

    The Black Berkey® water filters are designed to eliminate a large number of contaminants as stated in the test results conducted by an independent laboratory. However, they do not remove the minerals originally present in the water and conserve them for the benefit of our bodies. The residual sodium from softened water, present in high concentrations, will not be filtered by the Berkey® system and will end up in your drinking water. Unlike natural mineral salts, this sodium is highly concentrated and is obviously not desirable to consume.

    These synthetic salts can also clog the micropores of the filters, which will slow down or even stop the filtration. This could require very frequent maintenance of the filters.

    Therefore, for these systems, we do not recommend using softened water from a salt-based water softener to fill your Berkey® purifier.

    Note: Some installations are equipped with a by-pass to draw off the water before it passes through the softener. If this is the case, there is no problem using this water for your Berkey water purification systems

    Can I filter my rainwater/well water with Berkey® purifiers?

    Black Berkey® water filters used in Berkey® purification systems are entirely capable of filtering collected water.

    However, certain precautions are necessary. For instance, ensure that there is no contamination by a specific pollutant that might be absent from the test results conducted by Berkey®. Also, take care to limit the contact of animal feces (birds, squirrels, etc.) with your water or chemicals used on roofs. The water should be pre-filtered before being introduced into the purifier to avoid excessive suspended matter, which could quickly block the filters and they would need cleaned more often.

    Some of our customers have built rainwater filtration systems consisting of multi-stage capture processes (up to 5 stages in some systems) equipped with several Black Berkey® filter elements (from 4 to 8). The water is filtered in a number of stages and stored in adequate containers.

    Even though Black Berkey® elements are water purifiers, it is advisable, for this type of use, and if, for example, there is a risk of high contamination by E. coli, add a few drops of (unscented) chlorine-based disinfectant at the first stage of filtration.

    See this topic on filtering water from sources other than tap water.

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La gourde j ai un peu de difficulté avec la paille car parfois l eau coule quand je presse. Une habitude et technique a prendre. S habituer à boire par petites gorgees mais en fait c est mieux pour l estomac. Le reste tres bien Pas de notice en french, mais in english ,cela m a manqué un peu pour la precision du vocabulaire

Benedicte A. published the 18/08/2023 following an order made on 21/06/2023
Comment from Berkey® France Millenium the 10/10/2023
Bonjour, Nous vous remercions de partager ici votre expérience positive. Nous voulons juste vous informer que les notices en français sont bien disponibles grâce au lien de téléchargement fourni dans le mail de confirmation de commande ainsi que le mail d'expédition. Nous vous invitons à vous y reporter. Toutes les indications utiles y sont fournies :) en français. Bien à vous, la team Berkey® France Millenium

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Vu le prix exorbitant, un mode d'emploi de qualité devrait être fourni

Veronique B. published the 16/06/2023 following an order made on 22/05/2023
Comment from Berkey® France Millenium the 12/06/2023
Bonjour, Après nous avoir affublé d'une mauvaise note sur la partie commande et site, pour des délais de réapprovisionnement longs, sans que en soyons responsables, vous réitérez votre mécontentement sur le produit. Et ce n'est pas pour noter la qualité du produit ou son utilisation, sur lesquels vous n'avez semble t-il rien à dire, mais juste pour dénigrer la notice. Comme toutes nos notices sont téléchargeables dans toutes les langues, avec photos et explications détaillées, nous supposons que vous avez dû vous contenter de la notice en anglais fournie par défaut avec le produit. Quant au prix, d'une part nous n’en sommes décisionnaires, grille du fabricant oblige, et d'autre part vous connaissiez ce prix lors de votre achat, ainsi que toutes les caractéristiques détaillées du produit. L’équipe Berkey®France Millenium

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un peu cher pour peu de volume mais la qualité y est

Anonymous customer published the 09/08/2022 following an order made on 04/07/2022

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Très jolie et très utile Simple et pratique

Anonymous customer published the 18/06/2021 following an order made on 24/05/2021

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J'aurais souhaité pouvoir acheter individuellement le filtre à gravité. Je n'ai pas vraiment l'usage de la gourde

Anonymous customer published the 30/03/2021 following an order made on 18/03/2021

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Conforme à la commande

Anonymous customer published the 10/11/2020 following an order made on 20/10/2020

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Je pense que le Charbon pourrait être plus dans ce modèle petit afin de laisser plus de place pour mettre l eau.

Anonymous customer published the 24/10/2020 following an order made on 06/10/2020

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Anonymous customer published the 16/10/2020 following an order made on 20/09/2020

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Produit qui correspond tout à fait nos attentes excellente qualité de fabrication très rapide à la livraison une excellente état pas de dommage pour transport bonne journée merci

Anonymous customer published the 16/10/2020 following an order made on 12/09/2020

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Produit entièrement conforme à mes attentes. Seul petit bémol, la partie supérieure pourrait être plus haute d'un petit centimètre car le filtre dépasse un peu et on peut éclabousser en remplissant trop vite. Cela ne diminue en rien la qualité du produit. Je le recommande.

Anonymous customer published the 05/10/2020 following an order made on 06/09/2020

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